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Carole's latest book, "Beginners Guide to DRAWING PORTRAITS" is a bestseller! Available to buy on Amazon, in art shops, and through Search Press.

Signed copies of Carole's books are available to buy at her courses and demonstrations - buy direct for a discounted price. 

All Search Press titles are available on Amazon and in most art bookshops. If you can't find them in your local bookshop, why not ask for them to be stocked!

Some of Carole’s books have been translated into as many as 14 languages with sales of over 200,000 copies worldwide.




978 -1-78221- 795-4
Search Press
144 pages


Publication date: February 2021

Drawing the human face has a timeless and universal appeal, though it's often perceived as being difficult to achieve. Carole's book removes the mystery from portrait painting, and makes the subject accessible to even absolute beginners. She shows you in easy step-by-step stages how to use line, tone and form to capture a likeness and give it both personality and expression. 

Containing simple exercises along with longer step-by-step projects, this book leads you by the hand through the different elements of the face, allowing you to gradually build your skills before leading on to successfully describing your subject's likeness and character. 

Drawing for the Ab Beg.jpeg


ISBN 978-1-78221-455-7
Search Press
128 pages

RRP £12.99

Extract from a book review from Painters Online website, February 2018 

"There are numerous simple step by step demonstartions as well as  larger projects and outiine tracings are provided of the more complex drawings that you can transfer straight onto your paper if you wish to use them. Most of the artworks in this book are created using pencil, but the author also uses ink, ballpoint pen, pastel pencil and water soluble pencils to encourage you to experiment with other media too. By the end of the book you will have learnt all you need to take your drawing skills further and become an accomplished artsist in your own right."


Drawing Masterclass – PORTRAITS

ISBN 978-1-84448-747-9
Search Press
96 pages

RRP £12.99

This book is a significant reference for all aspects of portraiture in pencil, charcoal, B&W pastel pencil and pen & ink. It has received very good reviews and presently holds a five star rating on Amazon.

Topics covered include choice of materials, shading techniques, structure, proportions, drawing the individual features and hair, how to get a likeness, composition, pose, using photos, working from life, accessories, age, lighting etc. and includes step by step projects.

Drawing_Step-by-step (1).jpg

DRAWING Step by Step

ISBN 978-1-84448-439-3
Search Press
144 pages

RRP £12.99

Carole Massey, Richard Box, Denis John-Naylor, Sally Michel, and Ronald Swanwick

This comprehensive compendium of drawing techniques features many extracts from Carole’s book “Water Soluble Pencils”.

Fellow artists contribute a wide variety of work in pencil, charcoal, pen & ink and coloured pencils for drawing animals, trees, the landscape, still life subjects and interiors. Lots of practical examples to follow.



ISBN 981-1-782-217817
Search Press
144 pages

RRP £9.99

Carole Massey, Wendy Jelbert

This is a practical and inspiring guide for acrylic artists of all levels of ability, from beginners who want to learn how to paint with acrylics to experienced artists looking for inspiration and ideas.
Carole Massey shares her love of flower painting and gives expert advice on mixing colours for flowers, using tone, drawing and composition. There are ten easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations with clear photographs and helpful instructions, and many inspirational paintings for readers to admire. 

"A wide-ranging compilation of acrylic techniques which includes many colourful and informative examples from Carole’s book “Flowers in Acrylics”. The contents include landscapes, still life, painting skies, trees, water, chickens and buildings, aerial perspective, texture and mixed media.

Everything you could want to know about using acrylics for the beginner and more experienced artist alike."

Water_Soluble_Pencils (1).jpg


ISBN 0-85532-963-7
Search Press
48 pages

RRP £6.99

An inspirational best-selling guide in which Carole demonstrates many different techniques from initial sketching to creating tonal washes and producing textured effects and capturing detail.

Packed with information for all those who want to improve their drawing skills – add water and turn your drawing into a painting as if by magic!



ISBN 978-903975-03-9
Search Press
48 pages

RRP £6.99

After reading this book, drawing and painting figures will be a lot easier! It’s packed with many examples showing you how to tackle proportions, expression, composition, movement, using a sketchbook, colour mixing, how to draw hands and feet, step by step exercises and lots more!

Flowers_in_Acrylics (1).jpg


ISBN 978-0-85532-853-5
Search Press
48 pages

RRP £6.99

Carole shows how to use acrylics to paint flowers from simple potted plants to a garden arch smothered with roses.

Lots of useful information on flower shapes, colour mixing for greens, using mediums, and step by step projects to follow. Be inspired to create those floral masterpieces!

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